Keep It Moving Episode

Motivation is the key to continuing something when the newness wears off. It is easy to begin a workout or a project. But, when the results do not show instantly, drive begins to slip away from you. You start to tell yourself self-defeating reasons for why you do not need to continue. Things like… “I knew it wouldn’t work”; “Nothing I have ever done turned out to be great”; or “I’m just big boned”.

This is when you need a podcast or motivating ear to turn to the most. You need inspiration to keep moving through the tough times. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone; but trying something different.

During this episode, I help you through this tough time by sharing my experience and encouraging you to continue.

And if you want a laugh, I have posted my workout video and goth transformation video onto Youtube for your entertainment. I cannot very well tell you to do something, I, myself is not willing to do.

Join us will ya?

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There is never a limited; yet, only the restrictions one places upon themselves.



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