Happiness is more the point, no?

For a long time, I have struggled to understand people around. I have stayed up many nights trying to figure out why this person did this and that person does that. From friends to family, I have raked my brain trying to place the simplest understandings on my experiences with them. And, for the most … Continue reading Happiness is more the point, no?


Keep It Moving Episode

Motivation is the key to continuing something when the newness wears off. It is easy to begin a workout or a project. But, when the results do not show instantly, drive begins to slip away from you. You start to tell yourself self-defeating reasons for why you do not need to continue. Things like... "I … Continue reading Keep It Moving Episode

Life is Short – Episode

During this episode, I take a moment to remember the lives lost in the Orlando Massacre. It is brief, but something I feel necessary living so close to Orlando and being a person who could be judged based of my tattoos or my husband being in prison. Since I believe we all deserve happiness and … Continue reading Life is Short – Episode